Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New Year

Starting something new is everyone's traditon for the new year. I haven't usually bothered to do any resolutions or started new hobbies in the beginning of a new year. This year isn't actually any different. I'm not going to promise anything or change much, but I will continue a prosess that has started years ago.

When I was still young and naive people asked quite often what I want to do when I grow up. All I could think of as an answer was: 'To become happy.' Even I thought that this wasn't a good answer, and people kept asking what it means for real. But as I've learnt more about life in general and various other things in detail I still haven't discovered what I want to do when I'm all grown up. But what I have realised during the past six months is that maybe there isn't any point to thrive for anything else than happiness.

There are still some issues whit this though: happiness is quite a broad concept. Because I believe in logic and analyzis, I feel that I need to know what happiness is before I can achieve it. So this blog is part of my journey towards happier me. I'm going to write about what I think happiness is and also about what happiness is generally thought to be. In my opinion health and happiness are connected. To become happier I also need to be healthier. This I believe can mostly be achieved by eating more healthily. So I'm going to blog about eating and food aswell.

In todays society productivity seems to be the key to everything especially at the work place. I personally believe that happier and healthier people are always more productive than people on the verge of a nervous breakdown and heart attack. Personally I don't really care about being more productive at the moment, but I believe I can't help becoming more productive if I become happier.

I think happiness is something very personal. What makes me happy probably doesn't work for other people. I still think some things are quite universal and maybe my thought on happiness will help someone else to become even a little bit happier. Thus I will also blog about things that make me happy.

So welcome to follow my journey towards healthier, happier and more productive life!

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